Seabreacher Media Appearances

Seabreacher watercraft have made numerous media appearances to date including in magazines, films and television shows. Below is a list of notable media appearances.

TV Shows

Channel 9 News (Australia), Oct '12

Channel 10 'The Project' (Australia), June '12

Globo TV (South America), Aug '10

All Jacked Up (CMT), Sept '09

Wreckreation Nation (Discovery),  March '09

Extreme Playtime (Travel Channel), June '09

SciQ Kids program (Smithsonian channel), Nov '08

Unique Vehicles, Japanese TV, Oct '08

Thrill Rides (Top 30), 2008, Nippon TV, (voted Number 1 thrill ride in the world), Dec '08

Nextworld, Future Ships (Discovery Channel), Nov '08

The Gadget Show, (BBC) Jan '08

City TV (Vancouver), Jan '08

The Gadget Show (Multiple cable channels; Travel, Living, Leisure), Dec '06

TV Overload, Sky Channel, UK,Video segment on the Seabreacher, November '06

Monster Garage, "Backyard Monsters",Five minute segment, Global, November '05

Mean Machines, Four minute segment, Global, January '06

Today Show, NBC, Live Demonstration on the Chicago River (two minute segment)

CNN Tech Watch, 30 second video clip, Dec 17, 05

Nextfest Coverage Special, Science Channel, two minute demonstration, June '05

Attack of the Show, G4TV, Nextfest Coverage, Top 10 inventions of 05, July '05

Calgary Sun Times, May '05

Austin Powers Goldmember, Dolphin featured in scene with Mike Myers, 2005

Ride with Funkmaster Flex (Spike TV), August '04

New Gadgets, (Japanese Tech Show), April '04

Websites  Aug 17 '10  Aug 17 '10, (Italian news sites) Aug 20 '10 (Russian news site)  Aug 22 '10 (French news site)  Aug 31 '10 (Chinese news site)  Sept 3 '10

Magazines & Newspapers

Stuff Magazine (Middle East), Aug 22 '10

The Herald (Scotland), Aug 20 '10

Daily Mail (UK), Aug 18 '10

Lux Magagine, Dec '08

Life and Style, Nov '08

Sunseeker ,Nov '08

Duo (Australia), August '08

Fraser (yachting magazine), July '08

FHM China, July '08

Dive Pacific , June '08, August '08

Waterkampioen, June '08

Private Air, Dec '08

Yachting and Lifestyle, July '07

Cottage Life, May '07

C-Net (, Global, 10 image photo gallery, November '06

Time Magazine "Inventions of the Year Edition", Global, November '06 issue

Time for Kids Cover Photo "Inventions of the Year Edition" November '06 Issue

Daily Mail, Global, January '07

Robb Report, Russia, full page, February '07

Maxim Magazine, USA, January '07 Issue

VI MENN Magazine, Norway "Best Inventions Edition" December '06 Issue

Sea Spray Magazine, New Zealand, November '06 Issue

Boating Magazine, USA, January '06 Issue

FHM Magazine, Europe, November '06 Issue

World Entertainment News Network, Global, Many articles on Seabreacher, 06-07

WEST EAST Magazine, China, November '06

In Flight Magazine, USA, Mexico, October '06

Maxim, Russia, September '06

Chicago Times, "Dolphin makes a Splash", June 25 '05

LA Times, USA, August 23 '05

Wired Magazine, full page add in two consecutive issues, May- June '05

Architectural Digest, full page add, Nextfest '05, May '05

New Yorker, full page add, Nextfest '05, May '05

National Geographic Kids, Global, May '05

K-Club, Kids magazine, USA, February '05